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Protests continue in Wisconsin

Thousands of union protesters and their supporters are continuing to hold rallies surrounding Wisconsin’s state capitol building, in protest to Governor Scott Walker’s new proposal.

About 100 protesters have occupied the state Capitol building, while thousands others have been locked outside of the “People’s House”, as the governor’s office has refused to keep the state Capitol open to the people, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Walker has offered no compromise and has threatened to issue nearly 1,500 layoff notices if the 14 Senate Democrats who left the state to Illinois in efforts to avoid voting for the budget bill, fail to return for the final vote.

Governor Walker has ordered the arrest warrants of the 14 Senate Democrats, now called the FAB 14.

“He’s acting like a dictator; he’s not willing to negotiate. He wants the Democrats who have fled the state to come back, but he’s already said that he’s not going to negotiate with them,” a protester said.

Protests have been on the rise for more than two weeks since the newly elected Walker set forth a proposal rescinding almost all collective bargaining rights for most public employee unions.

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