“Proxy” war, President Assad and conspiracy

President Assad and conspiracy

The Telegraph newspaper has published an article talking about the “Proxy” war that Syria suffers and how the conflict has turned from a political uprising, to an armed conflict and then to a proxy war that included all the international powers approving what President Assad had formerly said.

The newspaper says also that the last attack by Israel will change the trajectory of the political conflict through two points especially after Syria has become a regional battlefield.

First, it will put the armed opposition on alert being a partner with Israel attacking the same goal; secondly, it proves what President Assad said that the conflict is not internal and the problem does not lurk in a coalition aiming to topple a government but a well-planed conspiracy by Israel and its western allies.

Moreover, The Telegraph has also maintained that both Iran and Hezbollah will become more determined than ever about Syria and that only a political solution will be able to staunch the flow of blood in Syria and avoid the consequences of a coming regional war.

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