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Republican control of Senate means more neocon wars: Ron Paul


Former US congressman Ron Paul has said that the Republican Party’s control of the Senate will cause more “neocon wars in Syria and Iraq.”

Following the victory of the GOP, Paul tweeted the party’s win means “expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq,” adding that “Boots on the ground are coming.”

The Republicans secured a majority in the US Senate in midterm elections on Tuesday.

The party picked up at least seven seats to guarantee at least 52 seats of the 100-member chamber, the results show.

Paul, however, believes that despite a “power shift” in the United States, a “philosophy shift” would not occur.

He also ruled out “big changes in D.C. after elections,” writing “only thing that counts is pressure from the people. That should give us hope!”

The former congressman has been critical of the two-party dichotomy that dominates American politics for decades, and once ran as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president of the United States.

Paul had earlier criticized US airstrikes against ISIL targets in Syria and parts of Iraq that was authorized by President Barack Obama.

The former Rep. from Texas blasted Obama for expanding wars in Iraq and Syria.

In response to the president’s remarks to the UN General Assembly that the only way to deal “with killers like this is with the language of force,” Paul said the airstrikes would only cultivate more violence.

“We have to do a little bit more than just address the violence that is occurring, and forward the question: ‘Why is there violence?’” Paul argued.

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