Resistance Axis Won in Syria, Farewell to Arms


Syria is heading towards a comprehensive settlement.
Farewell to arms.

Syria is on a new path, and it is witnessing a major shift from battlefield to political negotiations, and intensified diplomacy.
The liberation of Deir Ezzor from the Takfiri ISIL group has ushered in a new era where political settlement would be brought to the forefront. This does not necessarily mean that military battles have been dashed away. We might be still heading to the mother of all battles in the remaining part of Deir Ezzor area, as many of ISIL foreign fighters would be sieged with no hope to go anywhere or to be part of any settlement. This would leave them with only one choice, fighting till death, especially that some senior cadres and higher leaderships of the Takfiris are among them there.

At any rate, the battle there would necessarily end with ISIL defeat.

Now the whole political spectrum has been shuffled, and all are anticipating a two year political settlement which will start with a transitional period. The main headlines would include the following:

– Dr. Bashar Al-Assad continues to be the head of the Syrian state.
– The integrity and unity of the Syrian soil would be definitely preserved.
– The reconciliation process will continue to take place, yet with a faster pace and wider space.
– Al-Nusra and ISIL would be necessarily eliminated from the Syrian geography as two main terrorist groups.
– Astana negotiations have reached tangible results starting from the above points.

Of course, the negotiations will continue and the liquidation of remaining terrorists pockets and enclaves too.

To sum up the argument, Syria has started a new process of reconciliation and reconstruction where the upper hand should be for the winning party. Doubtlessly, this is the resistance axis that stretches from Tehran to Palestine.

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