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Rouhani Says No Negotiation with US: We Won’t Surrender to Bullies

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says that Iran will never give in to bullying behavior, calling on the nation to keep their unity in the face of outside pressures.

“We are men of negotiations and logic, but the party that tries to drag us to the negotiating table has only empty claims. We are not going to accept such talks even if all the powers of the world stand back to back to support them,” the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a meeting with the artists and figures from the art community on Saturday evening, as quoted by Mehr news agency.

“We will never surrender to the enemy’s bullying,” he underlined, denouncing as “bogus” the claim that Iran may be forced to the negotiating table.

“We would not agree to hold such (forced) negotiations even if all world powers stand together,” the president stated, according to Tasnim news agency.

Meanwhile, Rouhani said that the Iranian nation is wise and supports negotiations and is capable of holding talks as could be seen in the negotiations that resulted in signing the JCPOA with the major world powers.

He also emphasized that unity, rapport and good planning will help the country overcome the challenges.

The Iranian president referred to a UN Security Council session chaired by Donald Trump last September, saying that all the 14 members stood in support of Iran against the US.

He further urged the artists and the art community to help the nation keep their unity in the face of pressures by bringing happiness to them and giving them hope.

Source: Iranian media

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