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Saudi regime meddling in Lebanon presidential election


Sheikh Naeem Qassim, Hezbollah deputy, delivering a speech in Al Qubairi Husseiniya refused allegations against Hezbollah’s opposition with presidential election in the country saying he who thinks Hezbollah is against elections is in allusion, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” The issue which is now known to all is a regional country, called Saudi Arabia, is interfering in presidential elections and the person who should be elected as the president.”

Naeem Qassim added,” We do not find any reason that parliament meeting should not be held.” Stressing that all political parties should be present for the meeting because that is for the interests of Lebanese nation.

Hezbollah deputy also congratulated Lebanon, Syria, Arab world and the world of Islam over breaking of siege in Nubol and Zahra in Aleppo and added,” It is proved to the world that entrance of Hezbollah into Syria was a timely move.”

He called the cooperation of Hezbollah in Syria as a constructive move and said, “The decision prevented ascendance of Takfiri (excommunication) groups over the country before their overflow into Lebanon and the whole region for more crimes in the region.”

Lebanese cleric also hailed Lebanese army over important achievements against Takfiri groups in Arsal.”

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