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Saudis dependent on US power to sustain them

Well, I think it takes the mask off of Saudi Arabia because they’ve been sort of working behind the scenes for years with the Israeli regime against popular movements throughout the Arab world.

Israel’s been involved covertly in the Yemen war. It’s actually bombing Syria almost on a weekly basis and even interfering and attacking Lebanon. So they’re targeting Hezbollah, they’re targeting Iran, they’re targeting anybody that wants to support independence for the region.

The Saudis and the other feudal dictatorships are all afraid of their own populations. And they work with the Americans, so they trade oil for some protection. Even Donald Trump said that without American protection the Saudi regime wouldn’t last a day. So I think he’s correct.

The people of Arabia and the UAE and Bahrain do not support the recognition of Israel because they still support human rights for the Palestinians. And I think Qatar and Kuwait who have criticized that as have other Arab leaders and all the other political movements that are based within their nations and are supported by the populations have criticized this, but the Saudis are dependent upon American power to sustain them.

And of course, they sell up their resources and get a fair bit in return, but they act as an agent for the Americans to attack popular movements in the area. There are secret negotiations going on between Israel and Saudi Arabia for years.

Again, because the Israelis and the Saudis have I guess a similar agenda to control popular movements and not to engage appropriately on the Palestinian issue. So, Netanyahu wants to know if we can get these weak corrupt feudal regimes to support him. It gives the appearance of support but it’s really imaginary because these governments are weak, and this support is not widespread for recognition of Israel without some sort of recognition of human rights for the Palestinians and at the minimum that requires a stable state for the Palestinians.

So in that sense, Saudi Arabia is saying that they are not going to recognize Israel unless they meet certain preconditions which is a good start but Saudi Arabia was also behind the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in recognition of Israel, and Pompeo and Trump and then have been pressuring Sudan and other countries to recognize Israel.

So for them, that would be a victory for peace but it really means total capitulation on the Palestinian issue. And you know bowing to Israel’s power and bowing to American power and having no real choice in the matter.

With regard to the nuclear agreement with the European Union and other countries Russia and China, and Iran, the JCPOA, Netanyahu wants to keep the United States out of that because it makes it appear that that Iran is actually violating the terms of the agreement which is not the case.

The monitoring agencies have consistently said that Iran is abiding by the agreement, and is quoted, there’s you know they have certain actions that can be done through, I guess section 24 and 34 of the agreement that they can you know if the Europeans and the Americans don’t fall out there and then they can take actions.

Of course, the Americans withdrew from the agreement. And actually, the indication is that Biden wants to rejoin the agreement because it puts him in the same camp as the Europeans who still support the agreement, they’re not doing a lot but they lease it in name, support the agreement as to the Russians, and the Chinese, and, of course, Iran has been supporting the agreement.

The Europeans have not come through on their own commitments and of course, Trump withdrew from the agreement and then was trying to still assert all controls and stuff on Iran, which made no sense because they rip up the agreement and pulled out of it.

So we’ll have to see what the Biden administration is doing. They’re looking at a new person for Secretary of State. I don’t know too much about him but I have read that he’s got deep connections and ties to the Jewish community, may be Jewish himself but I’m not a hundred percent sure of that. But most of the politicians and certainly the Biden administration and also vice president Kamala Harris, she is very pro-Israeli but I think that is a reflection on what the power is on the ground in the United States that you know the pro-Israel lobby is very organized both within the Jewish community but also more importantly perhaps in the Christian Zionist community. And there’s very little contravening pressure.

So there will be a lot of pressure on Netanyahu, but the fundamentalist Christians, they tend to support Trump and the Republicans. But, most of the American Jewish supported Biden, and they folks, almost 73% of them supported Biden, not Israel, even though Trump was making a blatant play to get their support and their votes in particular but also particularly their fundraising potential because you know the American Jewish community is very active in politics; they do tend to support the politicians that they like and attack the politicians that they do not like.

Edward Corrigan is an international lawyer and journalist based in Canada. He recorded this article for Press TV website.

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