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Sayyed Houthi: Saudi Regime Produces Takfiris, Serves Goals of Israel


Yemeni Ansarullah group leader Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi stressed on Friday that the takfiri groups are not separated in any way from the Israeli enemy, and both of them have the same goals and ideology.

During a televised speech on Al-Quds International Day, Sayyed Houthi said the Saudi regime is the main source that produces the takfiri groups and provides them with the necessary environment to serve the interests of the Zionist entity and that of the United States.

“Why the Saudi regime does not serve the Palestinian cause instead of trying to adapt the Arab will in order to serve the will of Israel and the US,” the Yemeni leader asked.

Sayyed Houthi underscored that the origin of the danger threatening our region is the Zionist entity, “and every other danger is an extension of the Israeli danger.”

He made it clear that the conflict in Yemen doen not aim at fighting the Iranian influence like what the Saudis claim, but it is directly related to the extension of the Zionist influence in the region.

“Iran adopts a real and principle cause in supporting the Palestinians and the resistance. All free people of the world have to adopt this position,” Sayyed Houthi elaborated.

He underlined that the Saudis are trying to mislead the Arab people and want to portray the collaboration with the Zionist entity as a kind of Arabism, by labeling anyone who resists the Zionism as “Iranian,” adding that “Israel has ordered the Saudi regime to commit crimes in Yemen, which are more terrible than the ones it [the Zionist entity] committed.”

“The people of Yemen want to stand by the side of the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon to fight Israel,” Sayyed Houthi said, revealing that one of the main reasons behind the Saudi-US aggression on Yemen is to punish them for their position regarding the Ummah causes.

The Ansarullah leader expressed small hope about the expected humanitarian pause sponsored by the United Nations, justifying that Yemen’s experience during the previous truce was bitter.

“The success of the truce is related to the Saudi regime and dependent on stopping the aggression,” he said, urging all involved aggressors to end their war on Yemen immediately.

“The aggression must end. We cannot accept that these atrocities and crimes would continue. We cannot remain silent before this aggression,” he stressed.

“Our Yemeni army and Popular Committees are confronting this aggression on border lines directly,” he noted.

Sayyed Houthi further warned that should the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen continued, the patriotic Ansarullah group will take great strategic steps to fight it, reminding that the Yemeni people have abstained from responding to the Saudi attacks for 40 consecutive days at the beginning of the brutal aggression in order to prove to the world the falseness of the Saudi claims.

“Persistent aggression will force us to take great strategic steps that will establish important stages in the region. It will oblige us to declare the general mobilization on every level,” Sayyed Houthi said.

“Practically, we are ready for these strategic choices, and we are keen that they will be in accordance with a decision by all Yemenis,” he added.

In his brief speech, Sayyed Houthi called upon Yemen’s political factions to fill the power gaps and to pay attention for the security situation in the country.

More than 2,800 people have been killed since the Saudi-US military campaign began on March 26. The United Nations said more than 21 million people, over 80 percent of the population, are now in need of some form of humanitarian aid.

The UN designated last week the war in Yemen as a Level 3 humanitarian crisis, its most severe category.

Nationwide fuel shortages have spread disease and suffering in Yemen, where access to water usually depends on fuel-powered pumps and more than 20 million people, 80 percent of the population, needs some form of aid, according to the United Nations.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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