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Sayyed Ibrahim As-Sayyed: It is The Time of US-Zionist System’s Collapse in the Region

Head of Hizbullah Political Council His Eminence Sayyed Ibrahim Amine As-Sayyed confirmed that it is now the time of collapse of the US-Zionist system in the region. He referred to the recent regional events, which he considered to be an “unbelievable dream” yet today it is concrete.

In a speech he delivered before a gathering in the headquarters of the Muslim Scholars Gathering, in presence of more than 120 Muslim scholars, Sayyed Ibrahim said, “We thank Allah that we were not part of the defeat time, even if we were oppressed and were not part of the oppressors. Even if we were weak and not part of the conspirators, even if we were minority, but we were in the victorious resistance’s system”.

He considered that what is witnessed in Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, is but an image of Imam Khomeini, who thanks to him, His Eminence stressed that after thirty years, his spirit of uprising came to Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and the whole region.

In the same context, Sayyed Ibrahim Amine As-Sayyed affirmed that one of the factors that contributed in the accumulation of the revolutionary spirit in Egypt and other countries is the defeat of the Zionist entity in Lebanon and Palestine.

He further added that the current regional events are pushing “Israel” to seek a strategic evaluation of its future in the region, where it sensed threat, because most of the regimes witnessing collapse were at some point its [“Israel”] protecting system.

Head of Hizbullah Political Council referred that the arrogant powers’ attempts to suggest the Arabs or the Sunnite are no longer in the circle of conflict with the Zionist entity have toppled.
He added that the real Sunnite has returned, the Sunnite of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), pointing out that it has returned to its normal stance in confronting the US-Zionist schemes, and therefore all Muslims today, whether Sunnis of Shiites, all are in the same position against the said scheme.

His Eminence Sayyed Ibrahim considered that the accumulation of defeats was what encouraged the Arab nations into uprising.

He confirmed that the Lebanese situation is exceptional because of its complex structure, which is always capable of producing resistance and conspiracy factors.

On this level, Sayyed Ibrahim Amine As-Sayyed stressed that Lebanon’s responsibility is far more important, because it is located on the geographical and political borders of the conflict in the region.

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