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Security Expert: US Plots to Revive ISIL in Western Iraq

A prominent Iraqi security expert warned of the US plots to reactivate the ISIL in Western Iraq to use the terrorists against Damascus and Baghdad.

Hossein al-Kanani was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website as saying on Thursday that the US does not intend to withdraw from Eastern Euphrates or Western Iraq.

He added that the ISIL terrorists have been stationed in US bases in Western Iraq near the borders with Syria, noting that Washington’s presence is aimed at controlling the region and cutting the Tehran-Baghdad-Beirut road to protect Israel’s security.

Al-Kanani had also earlier revealed that a large number of ISIL terrorists in Eastern Euphrates entered Iraq after an agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) via corridors prepared for them by the US forces.

Another senior Iraqi expert had also in January warned of Washington’s attempts to increase its influence in Iraq, saying that Israeli spies and ISIL terrorists were present at the US bases in Iraq.

Hafez Al-e Basharah told al-Ma’aloumeh news website that the US was attempting to boost its presence in Iraq and the American forces have been stationed in the Southern parts of Baghdad, specially al-Suwaireh and al-Aziziyeh regions.

He added that the Iraqi government’s assessments that the foreign military advisors are stationed in the country are outdated, noting that the information obtained by the resistance forces indicate that combat forces are deployed in the US bases and their numbers is on rise each day.

Basharah said that the US forces do not allow any Iraqis to enter the occupied bases in the country to conceal the realities from the public opinion, adding that the Israeli intelligence forces are active in these bases and the ISIL terrorists are sheltered and trained in them.

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