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Sheikh Qawook: Hezbollah, Amal Have Single Position on Cabinet Line-up



Deputy chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qawook said Monday that the election of General Michel Aoun to be the President of the Lebanese Republic spread a positive atmosphere of optimism and hope for a new future.

“This national achievement constitutes a real opportunity for the Lebanese people to revive their country. We look forward to a more positive and optimistic cooperation regarding the formation of a national unity government that is committed to the effective and fair partnership and strengthens the security of Lebanon in face of Takfiri and Israeli threats,” Sheikh Qawwok said.

Speaking on an honoring ceremony of Martyr Ali Hussein Al-Tawil in south Lebanon, Hezbollah official added that the new government should address the people’s living and economic affairs, as well as holding of the parliamentary elections on time in accordance with new electoral law in order to save the country from the crisis and divisions.

Sheikh Qawook stated that Hezbollah and Amal Movement have single position regarding the cabinet formation, “which reaffirms the durability and hardness of the strategic alliance between them.”

“Hezbollah is looking forward to a more positive cooperation with the new President, the new government and the prime minister,” he stressed.

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