Sheikhdoms shield Al Khalifa collapse: Mohsen Saleh

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Sheikhdoms shield Al Khalifa collapse: Mohsen Saleh

A political analyst tells Press TV that the protests in Bahrain are achieving many things in terms of making the majority of the people feel that they should go on in order to achieve their demands.

The comments came after Bahraini protesters once again held demonstrations to condemn prison sentences handed down to a group of prominent activists.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohsen Saleh, professor at the Lebanese University, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Saleh, how much do you agree with that statement that Bahrain’s image has been tarnished since this crackdown on the protests began?

Saleh: Well I guess it has been two years for this revolution and whatever this corrupt authority is doing, is trying to put down these people who are really protesting and trying to say one word, that we want justice.

And the figures were jailed, were sentenced unjustly and now we see from the international community that they are condemning these sentences and these trials and they consider it as something of course unjust and the government, what so-called government, because this is a tribal authority, it is not a government in the political sense of government to govern the people with justice and freedom.

That is why I guess these sentences and these political behaviors in terms of the authority are really not only unjust but pre-meditated and pre-thought in order to put down these people but when we see these protesters going everywhere in this quarter and this village and this town, I guess the government is really trying to put down something they can’t do it.

Press TV: Well Mr. Saleh, a lot of people may be asking right now that as you say there it is nearly two years now that we are seeing these protests take place, they have been ongoing, they have been happening on a regular basis but what is stopping these protests from getting anywhere when it comes of course to the revolutionary demands to some kind fruition of course like we saw in Egypt or we saw in Tunisia? What is stopping these protests from getting anywhere?

Saleh: Well of course I guess they are getting somewhere. They are achieving many things in terms of making the majority of the people that feel that this authority is not a just authority and you should go on in order to achieve our demands.

That is why I guess the Bahraini people are more revolutionary and more adjust to their demands and their needs more than probably Tunisia and Egypt.

But the problem is that the Saudis and the Qataris, some of the Persian Gulf what so-called Sheikhdoms, they are intervening inside Bahrain and preventing people from really toppling or making the changes come through and the international community also they are to great extent, especially the administrations in the United States and the EU, they are silent.

We see some notices and some condemnation against the authority but it has not reached to a point where people can really achieve or take their rights truly.

And now we will see the government is really moving. We will see the change; people will do the change in Bahrain. Whatever happens, the people will achieve what they want finally and really soon enough because the changes in the [Persian] Gulf and in the Arab world is going for the sake of the people not for the sake of these corrupt tribes in Bahrain or Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

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