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Social Media Users Mock Arab Rulers as Trump’s Orphans

People have started mocking Arab rulers on social media for their anxiety of contesting US President’s failure in elections, describing them as Donald Trump’s orphans.

The Arabic-language Qatari al-Sharq newspaper wrote that in the past few days any declaration of Biden’s outpacing Trump in elections ignited a wave of anxiety and sadness among the Arab rulers.

It added that the Arab rulers cried and showed concern over Trump’s failure even more than the US Republicans, noting that many social media activists in the Arab world have mocked them by calling them as Trump’s orphans.

Abdol Fattaj Fayed, an Egyptian journalist, said that “Trump’s orphans” have held back their breath and are praying for him although Trump’s presence in power harms their nation.

Also, Manal, a social media activist from Egypt, wrote that the Egyptian president is suffering more than other “Trump’s orphans”.

Democrat Joe Biden won the presidency after flipping the state of Pennsylvania blue and claiming more than the 270 Electoral College votes required for the White House. Trump was at his golf course when the result was declared. He refused to concede and vowed to fight the outcome in court.

Following this announcement, Trump issued a statement, indicating that he is not ready to accept his electoral defeat.

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