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Strong Iran-Egypt ties irritate US and Israel:


An international lawyer and political analyst says the restoration of bilateral relations between Iran and Egypt irritates the United States and Israel, Press TV reports.

“We have to admit that Iran is the biggest state that the US wanted to always nail and it is the biggest Islamic pole in this area of the world [the Persian Gulf and the Middle East],” Marwan al-Ashaal said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

“Egypt is the other counterpart of Iran in this part of the world and adjacent to Israel; this is very much of the fact,” he added.

The analyst went on to say that Iran and Egypt are not only the two poles of the Islamic nations, but are also the controllers of Asia and Africa and their strong ties also irk the Persian Gulf monarchies.

“If Egypt allies with Iran and they restore full relationships as it was in the 70’s and before, this would create a threat to the [P]GCC [(Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council] countries,” the activist added.

Ashaal also pointed out that the restoration of relations between Cairo and Tehran will “put Turkey into the equation as well.”

“So the three hands [of Iran, Egypt and Turkey] are put together and forget about the differences between Sunni(s) and Shiite(s) and just remember that they are all Muslims under one Islamic rule, actually, and very similar regimes, this would make quite a threat [to US, Israel and the Persian Gulf monarchies],” he further explained.

The activist also stated that the United States and Israel have tried to drag Egypt away from the Islamic world by making the country’s foreign exports reliant on the American-Israeli side.

“So restoring relationships [between Iran and Egypt] means that it [Egypt] is not going to be reliant anymore to this cycle of foreign relations with the US and Israel, which would definitely irritate Israel so much,” Ashaal noted.

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