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Students urged to counter enemy soft war

Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said Wednesday in a meeting with university students and elites that regarding the pos-election events, the Judiciary system should judge based on strong reasons and not rumors.
Ayatollah Khamenei said some crimes and violations have been committed following the recent presidential elections in Iran which will certainly be prosecuted.
Ayatollah Khamenei added however that some people ignored the big tyrannies against the people and Islamic system and measures which damaged the reputation of the system in front of all nations by highlighting the Kahrizak and Kooye Daneshgah (Tehran University dormitory) as major issues. “This is a clear tyranny per se,” the IR Leader said.
“The Islamic system through numerous accomplishments in recent years, enjoyed reputation and stood in an excellent position in the world and region. Moreover, the 85-percent participation of people in the recent elections strengthened the position however suddenly a designed move took place to destroy the honorable event,” the Leader deplored.
“I don’t accuse vanguards of the recent developments of being puppets of foreigners such as America or Britain, because it has not been proved for me, but there is no doubt that the event was a designed move,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.
“The main plotters were not sure that their plans would work but measures of some people made them hopeful so they used all their media and electronic capabilities and intensified the presence of their own agents in the scene,” the IR Leader added.
The plot failed, Ayatollah Khameneis aid, adding the enemies could not understand Iran’s issues and do not know the Iranian nation so they were slapped on the face by the nation however they are still hopeful and have not given up.
Stressing the necessity for awareness of the people, university students in particular, who are interested in Islam, Iran and their own future, the IR Leader said designers of the recent plot in Iran have puppeteers and will also find other puppeteers but all of their measures are doomed to fail.
“Awareness of all people especially the students would decrease the harmfulness of the conspiracies,” the IR Leader added.
The Islamic Revolution Leader then said the ruling government and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have some weak points as well as some positive points “but I support only the positive ones.”
“Everyone who has such a trend, activity and seriousness will receive my support too,” the IR Leader added.
“Highlighting of the weak points will lead to blackening of the situation and creating disappointment. Moreover adopting a clear stance against weak points in many cases would not help to settle problems,” Ayatollah Khamenei said, adding, “Based on logic we should adopt a clear stance against weak points only when there is no other choice.”
Referring to the great soft war the enemies have waged against the Iranian nation and the Islamic system, the Leader called on elites including university students to be vigilant and act according to thought.
“Dear students are young officers of Iran and the Islamic Republic in confronting with the enemies’ soft war as well as the satanic trend which has been shaped based on power, deception and wealth,” Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated.
Regarding the main reason behind enmity of hegemonic powers with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Leader said the Muslim Ummah enjoys a strategic status in strategic points of the world adding the Islamic Republic of Iran with its growing power has stood up to hegemonic powers at one of the very strategic points of the world.
“It is natural that the great Zionist network, world companies and financial centers which lead policies of America and Europe consider the great power of Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic as enemy source and try to confront it.
“The enemies’ plots will end only when Iran, by efforts of its youth could reach such a scientific, economic and security status that nobody could harm it,” the IR Leader said adding “this is why I have always called on universities to launch a scientific movement, because I know scientific superiority is one of the country’s security bases in long term.”
Warning students and academics over the enemies’ plots to create disorder in universities, the IR Leader called on all academics to be aware that such unimportant political issues do not harm universities and research centers. Ayatollah Khamenei urged the audience to try to nullify enemy’s plot in creating disorder in universities and closing them even for a short time.

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