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Syria invites Iranian firms to invest in post-war reconstruction

Syria’s Minister of Industry Ziyad Sabbagh has invited Iranian companies and advanced industries to invest in the Arab country’s process of reconstruction and recovery from a destructive Western-sponsored campaign of militancy.

In an exclusive interview with Iran’s Tasnim news agency on Saturday, Sabbagh said Damascus has put forward important proposals for Iranian firms to invest in Syria, expressing hope that the Islamic Republic’s advanced industrial sector will play a part in the country’s post-war reconstruction.

He said a new investment law adopted in Syria provides a great opportunity for all those seeking to fund reconstruction projects in the Arab country.

The Syrian minister called on Iranian companies to “have partnership and cooperation with the public and private sectors in the Syrian Arab Republic and use the benefits provided by the law, which gives a great opportunity for investment in Syria, since distinctive and remarkable relations are forged between the nations of Syria and Iran, especially after Syrian and Iranian blood mingled in the fight against terrorism.”

The brutal war has extensively destroyed much of Syria’s infrastructure, but its industrial sector faces a promising future, with Damascus focusing on rebuilding the manufacturing sector, he added.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. However, Syrian government forces, backed by Iran and Russia, have managed to win back control of almost all regions from Takfiri terrorists.

The US and its European Union allies have imposed tough sanctions on Syria, after the militant groups that they long sponsored in their attempts to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad failed to achieve their goals on the battleground.

The minister also said many of the economic agreements signed between Damascus and Tehran were being implemented currently while intensive talks were underway to put the remaining deals into practice.

The Iranian and Syrian sides, he said, hold periodic meetings with the aim of overcoming the obstacles to the implementation of bilateral accords.

“The industrial sector of the Islamic Republic is an advanced sector. The two countries can exchange experience for the establishment of industrial companies so that both brotherly nations would benefit from cooperation, partnership and joint industries as well as their localization in Syria. Them, the regional states will benefit from [such relations].”

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