Syrian Air Defense Shoots Down zionist Regime’s Missiles over Aleppo

Syrian air defense systems shot down a number of missiles during an Israeli air attack over the Sheikh Najar region in Aleppo's northeastern countryside.

According to reports by the Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA, the country’s anti-missile systems repelled the air attack, knocking the majority of missiles off target.

Material damage was inflicted by the attack, according to reports.

There have been no details regarding possible casualties so far. Meanwhile, a video by SANA shows the moment an Israeli missile is targeted by Syrian air defense system midair:

According to some reports, the strikes hit several areas including Aleppo airport, Sheikh Najar industrial area and Jibrin airport.

The blasts caused a blackout in Aleppo, according to Reuters.

“A civilian airport, Jibrin and Sheikh Najjar have been attacked. We are clarifying information on damage and casualties,” the spokesperson of Aleppo militia told Sputnik.

In January 2019, Israel conducted an airstrike that was also repelled by the Syrian anti-missile systems. It, however, caused damage to a warehouse at Damascus International Airport. Israeli Air Force planes staged a similar attack on Syria on 25 December, when at least three Syrian army soldiers were wounded and an ammunition depot near Damascus was destroyed.

Syria has been engulfed in a civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting numerous Takfiri terrorist groups.

Syria is in the final stages of a battle against Takfiri terrorist groups that poured into the Arab country after the outbreak of the civil war in 2011.

On November 19, the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group was flushed out of its last stronghold in Syria’s Al-Bukamal. The city’s liberation marked an end to the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate it had declared in 2014.

After regaining most of the territories seized by terrorists, the Syrian government is now focused on creating favorable conditions for repatriating refugees.

The Israeli regime launches airstrikes on the Syrian territory from time to time. Such aggressive moves are usually viewed as attempts to prop up terrorist groups suffering defeats at the hands of Syrian government forces.

Israel used to be very careful with its operations over Syria after Russia equipped Damascus with the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles in October 2018.

However, US President Donald Trump’s recent decision to recognize the “Israeli sovereignty” over the Syrian territories of Golan Heights has seemingly emboldened Tel Aviv to launch new aggression on the Arab country.

Trump signed a decree recognizing Israeli “sovereignty” over the occupied Golan at the start of a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington on Monday.

Since then, the US has become the subject of a new round of furor by world countries over Trump’s controversial decision.

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