Syrian Air Force Pounds Terrorists’ Centers in Eastern Qalamoun

The Syrian Air Force bombed heavily terrorists’ positions in Eastern Qalamoun Mountains in Northern Damascus to pave the ground for a ground assault in the region, military sources reported on Monday.

The sources said that around half a dozen airstrikes involving bombs and rockets targeted militants’ tactical positions and movements across terrorist-controlled areas of the region, mostly atop Jabal (Mount) Al-Batra.

Earlier it was reported that the army had already sent negotiation delegations to Eastern Qalamoun to talk with militants and organize their evacuation or reconciliation with the Damascus government.

The sources further said that Russian airpower will also participate in support of the Syrian Army anti-insurgency operation when it is launched.

Field sources said on Sunday that Jeish al-Islam militants reached a Russia-mediated agreement with the Syrian Army troops on handing over the key town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

The sources said that based on the agreement some of Jeish al-Islam militants from Douma would be evacuated to the town of Jarabulus (under the control of the Turkish-backed militants) in Northeastern Aleppo while other fighters would reconcile with the Syrian government.

Russian military police are poised to soon enter Douma where they will establish evacuation corridors, monitor the militants’ withdrawal and host temporary humanitarian infrastructures.

Furthermore, Jeish al-Islam is to hand over all hostages (civilians and troops) to the Syrian Army as well as the corpses of fallen government ranks.

While it is unknown whether or not the Syrian Army will enter Douma anytime soon, all government institutions once housed in the town are to be immediately reinstated; civil servants are to return to their jobs at these places.

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