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Syrian Army confronts “Free Army” in Daraa and hits terrorists’ headquarters in al-Qunaitera


Syrian Arab Army confronted yesterday an attack carried out by a group of Free Army militia on one of the checkpoints in the western neighborhood of Ghabagheb town, what resulted in the death of most of the militants, including Bahaa Arradi the leader of the group.
In “Fajer al-Rabee” battle that was launched by “Free Army” and al-Nusra Front before couple of days, Syrian Army has conducted a qualitative operation in Ain al-Tinah town of al-Qunaitera countryside, in which it managed to raid the militias of “Free Army” and Ahrar al-Sham terrorist movement, what resulted in deaths, including Yussef Muhammad al-Zoubi (Abu Sadeq), a field leader of Ahrar al-Sha, movement, Muthana Ibrahim al-Mjarish called by (Abu al-Hareth) and Muhammad Reyad al-Masri one of the members of al-Qa’qa’ battalion besides others.

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