Syrian Army Declares Truce over



The Syrian army announced on Monday that the effect of the week-long truce regime has ended.

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said in a statement that the US-Russian-brokered truce  was supposed to form a real opportunity to stop the bloodshed, but the armed terrorist groups turned a blind eye to the agreement and didn’t adhere to any of its terms, SANA news agency reported.

The General Command of the army said that more than 300 breaches have been perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups during the truce period in all areas through targeting the residential neighborhoods and the sites of the Syrian Arab Army, killing and injuring tens of civilians and military personnel.

Meanwhile, the terrorists groups took advantage of the announced truce regime by mobilizing militants and various types of weapons to continue their attacks, the statement added.

“The criminal acts of the terrorist groups during the truce period form clear evidence on the extent of the affiliation of these groups to international and regional sides which have no interest in the cessation of hostilities or putting an end to the suffering of the Syrian people.”

The army’s command clarified that units of army did their best to implement the truce regime and exercised the highest degree of self-restraint in confronting the breaches of the terrorist groups except in some cases when the army units were forced to respond to fire sources, according to SANA.

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