Syrian Army foils infiltration attempts as “Free Army” maintains its food-siege to Edlib

51ced447b2f51Syrian Arab Army units have foiled attempts of infiltration by militants into a town in Edlib’s countryside; at the same time, a skirmish took place between militants in the same area as “Free Army” militia continued their ban on food-passage to the city of Edlib.

A unit of Syria Army battled some militia groups in the farms of al-Fua’a town as they tried to raid the town, killing and injuring a considerable number of them.

Among the deaths, Abd al-Mutee al-Saied Ali was identified.

Breaking News Network reporter in Edlib said that a fight took place “between members of al-Nusra Front and Kataeb al-Farouq al-Islamiah (al-Farouq Islamic Brigades) following a quarrel over loot division, the thing that caused the killing and injury of many militants from both sides,.

Among the deaths Muhamad Nadaf was identified, and among the injured Mustafa Haj Hamoud and Mustafa filfileh.

“Free Army” continues its food-ban:

Militants of Free Army have laid a food-siege to the city of Edlib, what poses a looming catastrophe on civilians at the nutritional level.

Our reporter maintained that the militants continued there siege of the city preventing any food supplies from entering the town as markets seemed half empty, lacking basic needs like vegetables, yoghurt and milk, and what is left in the city of those goods is doubled in price.

Our correspondent reported local sources saying that “a considerable number of notable figures from the city tried to convince militant groups to abandon the decision, however, they refused and asserted that the siege will continue till the onset of their so-called battle “the Liberation of Edlib city”.

Finally sources continued that the militias threaten any one against intervening or negotiating opening roads towards the city by referring them to their Legislative Court in both Bennesh and Sarmeen towns.

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