Syrian Army Imposes Control over More Lands at Border with Occupied Golan

The Syrian Army units captured more points in the border area between the Southwestern province of Quneitra and Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday after militants withdrew from the region under a reconciliation deal.

The army men entered the small border towns of al-Batiha and al-Rafid near the occupied Golan.

Other army units captured the small town of Qadir al-Bustran at Quneitra’s border with Dara’a province that was under ISIL’s occupation.

In the meantime, the army men found a field hospital of the terrorists in the town of Naba’a al-Sakhar in Southeastern Quneitra with a large volume of medicines and medical equipment, including Israeli and Jordanian medicines.

On Monday, the army forces imposed full control over more villages and small towns at Quneitra border with the Israeli-occupied Golan after withdrawal of militants from the region under a reconciliation deal.

The army men entered the village of Naba’a al-Sakhar in Quneitra province and hoisted Damascus flag in the region following withdrawal of militants.

Other units of the army retook control of the small towns of al-Karam, al-Roweihina and Rahina in Western Quneitra.

Local sources, meantime, said that the army men have deployed at a borderline agreed in 1974 to buffer forces following recapture of the villages of Koudneh, al-Asba’a and al-Ashah.

The sources further said that the army is planning to recapture the remaining border points in Quneitra as soon as militants retreat from the region.

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