Syrian Army Strikes ISIL Gunmen around Country, Restores Areas in Hasaka


Syrian army units killed on Wednesday scores of terrorists of different organizations including the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) during operations that targeted their dens in several areas across the country, state-run SANA news agency reported.

In Deir Ezzor city, an army unit destroyed a den of ISIL gunmen in al-Jbeileh neighborhood, killing or injuring all of them and destroying their weapons.

A source at the province said that another army unit targeted ISIL terrorists’ gatherings in Mohsen town in the eastern countryside of the province, killing or injuring many of them and destroying their weapons and vehicles.

In the northern province of Aleppo, units of the armed forces killed and injured many terrorists and destroyed a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns which they were using in the city and countryside.

A military source told SANA that an army unit confronted gunmen who attempted to attack a military post on the axis of al-Ramousa-al-Amiriyeh in the city, leaving most of them dead and destroying their vehicles.

The source added that other units of the armed forces also targeted gatherings of terrorists in the areas of Maskana, al-Sukkari, Bashqateen, al-Hader, al-Bakat, B’eideen roundabout, Saif al-Dawla and al-Layramoun in the city and the countryside, with the operations resulting in the death of a number of the terrorists, while others were injured.

Meanwhile, army units destroyed terrorists’ convoys of cars, some of which equipped with heavy machine guns, in the areas of Hreitan, Qubtan al-Jabal and al-Mansoura, in addition to destroying a number of other cars in the areas of al-Aqwas in Deir Hafer, in al-Amiriya, Khan al-Assal, Kafar Hamra and al-Mayser, leaving many terrorists dead and others wounded.

In the central province of Homs, units of the armed forces killed many terrorists and wounded others, including a number of terrorist groups’ leaders, while targeting their gatherings and dens in the countryside, in addition to foiling two attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into secure areas.

A military source told SANA reporter that army units targeted a convoy of cars which terrorists were driving on al-Za’farana-Ein Hussein road, destroying three pickups equipped with heavy machine guns and leaving a number of the terrorists aboard the cars dead and wounded.

Army units also repelled terrorists who tried to infiltrate from Jisr al- Kharab towards the farms of al-Waer neighborhood in the city of Homs, while another group of terrorists attempting to infiltrate from Um al-Reesh village towards the area between Um Hartein and al-Masoudiyeh villages in the countryside of Homs were also confronted. Many of the terrorists were left dead and wounded.

Meanwhile, other units of the armed forces targeted gatherings of terrorists in the areas of Ein Hussein village, al-Deek Farm in Talbisa, al-Sam’alil, Kafar Laha, Taldo in al-Hula and al-Sa’an, Teir Ma’la and al-Mishrfa village, killing many of the terrorists and wounding others.

A bulldozer which terrorists were using was also destroyed in al-Hilaliyeh Farm in Um Sharshouh village in Homs countryside.

The army targeted terrorists’ gatherings in several areas in al-Rastan in Homs countryside, a number of terrorists were killed or injured and their weapons were destroyed.

In the southern province of Daraa, army units killed a number of terrorists in operations that targeted their gatherings in al-Ghariyeh al-Gharbiyeh, to the north of al-Bitar farms and Atman town in the countryside, according to a military source.

The source told SANA that other army units destroyed a den of al-Nusra Front terrorist organization in Samlin town and an ammunition cache in Inkhel town in the countryside.

Other army units killed a number of terrorists and wounded others on al-Sad road, to the east of the Post building and in the neighborhoods of al- Bahhar and al-Manshiyeh in Daraa al-Balad in the city.

Meanwhile, terrorists who attempted to infiltrate into Khirbet Ghazaleh from the direction of al-Ghariyeh al-Gharbiyeh village were repelled, with many of them getting killed.

In the meantime, units of the armed forces, aided by national defense units, restored security and stability to a number of towns and villages in the eastern al-Qamishli countryside in Hasaka province, killing large numbers of terrorists and destroying their equipment.

A military source told SANA that security and stability have been restored to 16 towns and villages and the surrounding farms in al-Qamishli.

The source added that the army units also destroyed a number of terrorists’ vehicles, some of which were equipped with heavy machineguns, leaving many terrorists dead or injured.

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