Syrian Grand Mufti: Murderers of Palestinians, behind killing of Syria and Yemeni nation


Syrian grand Mufti stressed that supporters of terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other Islamic countries are the same murderers of Palestinian nation during all these years.

Sheikh Ahmad Badr el Din Hassoun, top Syrian Sunni cleric said those who kill our children in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq will soon find that their supporters are those who have been killing out Palestinian brothers and those who wanted to disintegrate our Islamic nation from within, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to the time when domestic clashes in Lebanon ended in division of the country into four parts and praised Syria for putting an end to the clashes.

Syrian grand Mufti addressed the supporters of terrorists in war torn Arab countries and noted,” I do not recognize the US to be responsible for the killing of the people in Arab states rather it is Arab rulers who are the main agents behind these killings. It is these rulers who have sold their religion and their nation for their throne.”

“Those who have not moved a finger to save Al Quds and called the war in Gaza and Southern Lebanon as an adventure are the killers of Yemeni children.” Said the Sunni scholar and demanded,” Where the weapons used to kill Yemeni people come from? They are all bought with the Arab funds.”

He also addressed Arab rulers, Arab League (AL) and members of the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) asking if they have made the least move for the war torn Arab countries.

Badr el Din Hassoun referred that the current situation in Syria has surprised all and said,” Syria is a great shame for the Arab rulers since they have been shouting the topple of Syria since 2011 while Syrian government is still in power.”

“Here I address all those who are in full security in Istanbul, Riyadh and Doha hotels only holding conferences that do not you intend to be ashamed that your terrorist puppets only flee the citizens when they enter a city.” Noted the scholar and added,” People take shelter in the state run cities. Do not you claim that the Syrian government is an oppressor? Then what is the reason that Syrian citizens take refugee around the army and in state run cities? If you are just then people should have escaped from the army and took shelter with you.”

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