Syrians resist an all-out aggression by Western colonial powers: Analyst

An analyst says western governments trying to undermine the real opposition parties in Syria with their fake one has caused outrage in the country.

In the background of this, Germany and the US have both recognized to only deal with one opposition party in Syria, an Obama and Clinton creation called the “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” with members that have relations with al-Qaeda. Amid this development, the violence in Syria continues with 8 people mostly women and children killed by a car bomb in the town of Jdaidet Artuz. This follows an early incident also a car bomb that killed 16 people and left dozens injured in a south west district of Damascus.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Eric Draitser, Founder of Stop, New York about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: This violence that we’re seeing continuing in Syria comes on the heels of the United States recognizing not only the National Coalition, but also calling one of the groups on the ground in Syria a terrorist organization.

Does any of that really make a difference on the ground now that we’re seeing this heightened violence?

Draitser: Well it certainly doesn’t make a difference to the families of the dead women and children at the school or the other innocent civilians who were killed by the al-Musa bombs. It doesn’t make a difference to the people on the ground in Syria.

The United States and the imperial powers, their interest is in creating chaos and destroying Syria as their mission. They realized already probably months ago that their attempt to actually depose Assad and to put in a puppet government that they want was unlikely, but instead what they needed to do was to create a failed state. Syria is headed in that direction.

And this is not the first time that the United States has done it. In fact I would say that the United States has gotten to be near experts at the creation of failed states – Libya is only one example; Iraq in the previous decade would be another example so this is really falling in line with that same tradition.

Press TV: The US has in a sense legitimized this “external opposition” and even the opposition that is violent within the country as well. How do you think that will go down with Syrians on the ground as you mentioned many of them whose family members are being killed in this daily violence?

Draitser: Again it depends. If we’re talking about real Syrians, those who are actually opposed to foreign intervention who might even by in the opposition like the National Coordinating Councils or some of the other indigenous grassroots elements – they see this as a complete outrage.

They see this as an attempt by imperial western powers at destroying their country when they think it is up to them to decide fate and it’s important also to remember that Russia and China have maintained that position all along that Syria and the fate of Syria is to be left to the Syrians.

So when we look at the United States and Britain and France and the rest of the powers giving some sort of credence to this so-called coalition they see it as a war in the continuation of colonialism and the legacy of colonialism that Syria has had to deal with for decades.

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