Terrorists Fear Turkey Ceases Support amid Syrian Army’s Full Control over Key Bases in Northern Syria

The terrorist groups in Northern Syria have been disintegrated and express concern that Turkey will no longer support them as the Syrian Army has made rapid advances towards their strategic military bases in Northern Hama and Lattakia in the last few days.

The Syrian Army units managed to take full control of the towns of al-Karkat, al-Tavineh, Tal al-Sakhr and al-Moshrefeh Tal al-Sakhr in the surrounding areas of Qala al-Maziq.

Meantime, the Syria Army also managed to take control of al-Jorf al-Sokhra which is one of the highest hilltops in Jabal al-Akrad till 1,154 height in Northeastern Lattakia.

The terrorists are facing a wave of disintegration concurrent with the Syrian Army’s control over terrorists’ key military bases in Qala al-Maziq and Kafar Naboudeh in Northern Hama and rapid advances by the government forces in the region, battlefield sources said.

The sources pointed to the strong fear of terrorists over lack of support by Ankara as they are also accusing each other of betrayal.

Meantime, the Syrian Army troops engaged in heavy clashes with Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists and other terrorist groups who had launched massive attack on the Syrian Army’s military positions in the town of Kafar Naboudeh from al-Hobait and Harsh Abedin and managed to repel their attack after killing tens of them.

In a relevant development on Thursday, the Syrian army and allied forces seized back control of the strategic town of Qal’at al-Maziq in Hama from Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at terrorists.

The Arabic-language service of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the Syrian army troops and their allies continued operations in Northern Hama on Thursday and could liberate Qal’at al-Maziq in Sahl al-Ghab region.

It added that Tahrir al-Sham militants started leaving Qal’at al-Maziq on Wednesday night after their defense lines in the town collapsed in the Syrian army operations.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, a large number of Chinese terrorists of the Turkistani Party were killed in the Syrian Army’s ambush operations in Northwestern Hama, the Arabic-language media outlets said.

“Turkistani Party’s Chinese terrorists launched an attack on the Syrian Army’s military positions in Taleh Bakir in Sahl al-Ghab region in Northwestern Hama, the Arabic-language version of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a military source as saying.

The source noted that the Syrian Army troops ambushed the terrorists in Taleh Bakir and brought their movements under heavy artillery and missile attacks, killing a number of them and foiling their offensives.

A military source said the Syrian Army has established its military positions in Tal Osman region and its surrounding areas in Northern Hama, and added that the Syrian Army troops have advanced towards terrorists’ strategic base in the town of Kafar Naboudeh in Northern Hama.

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