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The lie of Islam and democracy in Saudi Arabia

The lie of Islam and democracy in Saudi Arabia

Humans throughout their ancient decent history did not experience, and probably will not experience in the days yet to come as well, an authoritarian oppressive tyrant governance that was able to impose its hegemony in a critical brutal way on vast parts of the countries of the Arabs and Muslims, to turn the land of Hijaz and greatest portion of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula into a large prison, and to turn their people into subjugated herds, as the governance of the Al-Saud family, (who has a Jewish like origin), in Hijaz.
Those herds are blessed with a lot of oil grass, but yet remain to be subjugated and controlled by the “royal personality” or the “Kings” (as the Al-Saud said to be insolently and without shame or shyness)! Humans did not witness all along their history that is full of the forms of tyrants and tyranny, governance such as the said one.

What is distressing is that all this is in the name of Islam. In the name of Islam the ignorant members of the Al-Saud family became rulers, princes, and kings, and in the name of Islam the Saudi Abdullah, who is not even acquainted with the Arabic language, and knows nothing about Islam, became one day a sacred royal personality, and a servant of the Two Holy Mosques!! In the name of Islam the enemies of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad, and the enemies of His righteous households and companions, became kings on the land that is the cradle of the Islamic civilization.

Moreover, in the name of Islam opinions are suppressed, breaths are subsided, and great souls are humiliated. There is no room in the kingdom of Al-Saud for any free voice, for governance therein is an individual or sectarian one that imposes itself on everything, and any opposition or grumbling is not allowed at all. The birth of any idea contrary to the black ideas of the royal-personality is never allowed, the same goes for the formation of any party that represents a different point of view, no matter how small the percentage was!

Islam in the Kingdom of Al-Saud is but only a thick cover behind which a bunch of corrupt people hide, those who have a crazy desire to impose their thinking, wishes, desires, and doctrines on others, even if by force and coercion. Hence, which Islam is the one that is filling the prisons, silos, and secret torture detention centers with the prisoners of conscience, political prisoners, and journalists who do not have any fault but that they did not glorify in their speeches, statements, or programs the royal-personality or the Saudi Kings, or that they had criticized a Saudi prince, even if he was from the princes of the sixth generation?!

Which Islam is the one that has no religious fortune but only when reciting the Athan and forcing people to close their shops and the places of work during the five prayer times?!

About which Islam the Saudi princes are speaking, while they are living in a state of opulence, extravagance, and wastefulness to the extent that the remnants of the Saudi princes tables is enough alone to solve the problem of famine in Somalia?!

Vainly the Al-Saud tries to promote for a great political experience known by the Arab and Muslim people in the Kingdom, and vainly they are trying to belong to democracy, for everyone knows that all this is but only a lie, and everyone -without exception- is having a blocked nose because of the smell of dictatorship and tyranny emanating from the corridors of the royal court therein. We are not here accusing them without a guide, and we are not in need for giving proof to these accusations, for these charges are recognized by the far and the near, on an equal basis, and the morning has broken only for those who have eyes to see.

We limit ourselves here to cite the words of some political analysts, those who can never be accused of sectarian hatred against the kingdom’s rulers. For instance, (Jack Narya), the adviser of the wicked (Yitzhak Rabin), the former Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, writes: (Democracy is very strange and so far away from the policy of Saudi Arabia, it also has no foothold at all in the methodology that has a Wahhabi king. The brutal way by which the king of Saudi Arabia is dealing with the Shiite Muslims in the eastern provinces of the Kingdom translates the true meaning of democracy pursued by the Al-Saud with their opponents).

In the same article, (Naraya), a Middle East expert, talks about the situation of Bahrain and the role of Saudi Arabia in the deterioration of the situation therein. He says: (Bahrain’s rulers have exploited the ignorance of the global media regarding the political transformations in their own country…). Then he added when speaking on the request of the Bahraini government from its neighboring countries, Saudi Arabia and UAE, to send their troops to save the Bahraini regime and to crush its opponents, he said: (The violent way by which the Bahraini government dealt with its opponents, and its inhuman behavior to face the claims of the majority of the Bahrainis cannot be justified in any way as a legitimate tool to save democracy. This comes because the ruling authority in Bahrain, as the case is in Saudi Arabia, has nothing to do with democracy)! At the end of this article, the author did not fail to mock and to show astonishment that the (Saudi and Qatari funds are supporting the revolutions in the Arab world)!!

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