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The self-sacrifice martyr Salah Gandour operation, 4/25/1995

Once again the Islamic Resistance broke through the enemy’s entrenchment reaching the depth of the odious occupation, blasting one of its most important intelligence headquarters in Bent Jbeil along with two “Israeli” convoys that happened to be passing by.

One of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) students fulfilling Karbalaa’s doctrines exploded himself in a booby-trapped car.

The explosion’s roar shook the occupation’s bases and tore apart its existence in part of our occupied land, and brought back to the arrogant world the memory of the self- sacrifice martyrs’ course that was initiated by the martyr Ahmad Kasir and carried on by the mujahedin, the free followers of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

The Islamic resistance issued a statement on the operation, ” One of Imam Hussein’s knights, one of the Islamic Resistance Mujahedin and self-sacrifice , one of the sons of Muhammad and Ali… emerged from the nation’s injuries and betook himself from Amel to Al Quds to continue the path of the first pioneer Ahmad Kasir…

He carried his pure holly blood and immaculate slender body with pride and honor to give it as a present to his brethrens, the heroes of the “Intifada” (uprising), the sons of Hamas Movement and The Islamic Jihad, the two self-sacrifice, the heroes: Khaled el Khatib (al Jihad) and Imad Mahmoud Abu Amoneh (Hamas) who became martyrs in the two self-sacrifice operations of “Natzarim” and “Kfardarom”; it was also dedicated to the oppressed who fell martyrs in the building that had exploded in Sheik Radwan district in Gaza on 2/4/95. This operation came as a reaction to the entire criminal and brutal course the enemy had been practicing against our nation, for instance, the air assassination that killed the great mujahid, the martyr “Abu Ali Reda Yasin”. It also came to commemorate the language of martyrdom and blood sacrifice that has no end just before the anniversary of the martyrs of Ein Kaokab …

This God adorer and self-sacrifice martyr emerges to assure through this self-sacrifice operation that martyrdom is the secret of victory. It’s our Divine technique in the face of all their brutal, criminal and offensive technological devices. It is the core of the nation’s strength by which it protects and defends its susceptible existence (to the “Israeli” continuous attacks), and it is the way to build the desired future…

In the details, a self-sacrifice mujahid of the Islamic Resistance with cool blood and serene features broke into the occupied area of Bent Jbeil on Tuesday, 25th of April 95 at 2:24 pm at time when two “Israeli” convoys met; one had just arrived from Palestine to replace the second that happened to be leaving the main entrance of the 17 Headquarter that included the operation command block of the West Brigade, the Civil Service Administration and the Intelligence headquarter blocks.

The explosion resulted in the partial destruction of the Civil Service Administration block while the West Brigade headquarter block was heavily destroyed along with five armed cars, two melted completely due to the intensity of the explosion, and a great deal of corpses scattered in the vicinity of the explosion. The thundering sound of the explosion was heard along vast areas of the occupied area and the freed overlooking areas.

As the Islamic Resistance with glory, pride and up-lifted head brings glad tidings of its self-sacrifice mujahid Salah Gandour (AKA Malak meaning angel), to Imam Mahdi and to the cherished Ayatollah Imam Khamenei and to the generous Islamic Nation, it embraces the opportunity again to assure its proceeding in the path of martyrdom and liberation till the last span of our holy soil.

This oppressive extorter enemy won’t get except hits from us, and its mercenary agents don’t have except one of two choices: either to die at the Mujahideen’s feet or to surrender and declare their repent in front of their families and community. Security systems in Bent Jbeil said that the operation took place simultaneously as an “Israeli” army convoy entered the building which collapsed on all those who were inside it in addition to the members of the convoy.

It clarified that four “Israeli” helicopters carried more than ten dead and wounded into occupied Palestine. Medical sources in the area pointed at the fact that the wounded, one of which suffered serious injuries, were carried in a helicopter to an “Israeli” hospital. A security source in Bent Jbeil mentioned that thirty were affected by the attack ten of them were “Israelis” while the rest twenty were Lebanese. Two members of the militia dealing with “Israel” were also among the injured- four Katyusha missiles fell on the same region after the operation causing their injury …

An “Israeli” military spokesman acknowledged the occurrence of the operation saying that nine of his soldiers were injured in the blast of a booby-trapped car in Bent Jbeil while a military convoy was passing resulting in the wounding of the nine soldiers.

The general secretary of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressed the mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance. He saluted them and our people in the South and Eastern Bekaa who have high pride and honor as well as all the Lebanese and Palestinian people. He also called upon the mujahideen to be on the alert for any possible reaction and defiance the Zionist enemy might resort to due to the great vanquish that our great martyr had befell on its forces. His Eminence warned the enemy against any error or assault that might be done on our people and citizens; otherwise, the enemy’s civilians won’t be safe either.

Bentjbeil self-sacrifice operation had had numerous effects which gained importance because of collective reasons and factors that the general secretary of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah summed up as follows:

1- The nature of the target, known with the name 17, which was a historic site for the occupation’s military and intelligence forces headquarter as well as the civil service. It has a criminal history since it had administered the agents and spies network within Lebanon. It had also been responsible for all the criminal operations that were carried on from killing to assassinating to riots to implanting bombs. It had also been the place where many booby-trapped cars were equipped before being sent to the unoccupied areas…
In addition, the target of this operation wasn’t only the “17” site, but also the military convoy that was directly coming from occupied Palestine.

2- The place of the operation that was in the depth of the occupied territory and close to the so called international boarder-line.

3- The self-sacrifice style of the operation.

4- The bulk of loss- human, physical and spiritual- that was inflicted on the enemy.

His Eminence Hizbullah SG Sayyed Nasrallah discussed the significance of the operation. The most important points are:

1- Emphasizing the choice of resisting with the self-sacrifice blood and the martyrdom work as a unique choice to regain the land, the sacred and the nation’s wealth.

2- Emphasizing the resistance’s ability ,both security and military, to reach any target no matter how aloft it was even if it were deep in our occupied territory, and to perform the mission with ultimate preciseness; this what the enemy itself had admitted.

3- Asserting our right not only to fight the enemy but also to use all the materials, the styles, the ways and the diverse forms of work to regain our land and to refute the “Israeli’s” claims that the rein of initiation is in the hands of the their army.

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