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The US increasingly turning into a fascist state


The USA is a fascist beast. Yes, the country which likes to lecture everybody about liberty, democracy and human rights has become viciously totalitarian.

Every sane person knows this is true about the USA at home. The government spies on everyone; people are beaten up; in the airports people are sexually humiliated to get them used to being controlled; the mainstream television channels spew lies; thousands of drones will soon be in the skies (and who would be so foolish as to claim that they will not be armed?); and the Homeland Security Agency has bought 1.4 billion dum-dum (expanding) bullets, that’s four for every man, woman and child. The controversy over gun control is really an early manifestation of America’s coming civil war.

Abroad, there are aggressive military operations. The latest expansion is into thirty or more countries in Africa and that’s on top of the increasingly aggressive attitude taken towards China which America now openly views as an enemy. Furthermore, as everybody knows, American foreign policy is controlled by Zionism which means attacks on Islamic countries, particularly on the way to trying to achieve regime change in Iran.

Yes, you might say confidently, but the USA truly is the upholder of democracy, is it not? Hilary Clinton says so.

It must be, you continue to say but not quite so confidently, or it would be the greatest liar the world has ever known, and that includes the infamous propagandist Joseph Goebbels (one of Hitler’s sidekicks).

Er, sorry, but you are wrong and the truth is being stated by a Brookings Institution ghoul, one with thirty years’ experience of CIA ghouling. Working in the section of Brookings which is funded by an extreme Zionist, as all of the American political structure is funded nowadays, Bruce Riedel wants an attack on Iran. This would be done by means of false flag activity which can then be construed (by the mainstream media, of course) as an “unprovoked act of Iranian aggression”.

Cunning stuff. Well done, Brucie.

But there’s nothing cunning about his recent memorandum to President Obama about Saudi Arabia. It proposes straightforward anti-democratic, vicious authoritarianism and on a scale which has not existed before, even in Saudi Arabia. It notes that Saudi Arabia is “the world’s last absolute monarchy”, which is not true, think of those Persian Gulf emirates, for example, but you get what he means and he then reminds that the Saudi king, like the French Louis XIV before the French Revolution, has complete authority. Louis XIV said, “L’état, c’est moi ? I am the state” which is as clear as it ever gets but, further spelling it out, Riedel says that “the Saudi royal family has shown no interest in sharing power or in an elected legislature.”

Yes, exactly. The Saudi Wahhabi regime not only represses its own people but also maintains tyranny in the neighboring states, for example, in Bahrain where there is a Saudi army of occupation. Indeed, the Saudis have helped ensure that revolution has not unseated any Arab monarch.

With the trenchant insight of the typical fascist who hates democracy Riedel goes on to observe that “the other monarchs of Arabia would inevitably be in jeopardy if revolution comes to Saudi Arabia” and that “the Sunni minority in Bahrain could not last without Saudi money and tanks. Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are city-states that would be unable to defend themselves against a Saudi revolutionary regime, despite all their money.”

Riedel then gives his advice to the USA government which turns out to be exactly the same as the policy which the USA follows at present i.e., to work hard to strengthen the Saudi regime as well as the neighboring tyrannies in order to crush the “Arab Awakenings” thereby ensuring that democratic revolution cannot succeed in those nations.

Riedel’s justification for this out-and-out repression is very interesting and very revelatory. It is that Saudi Arabia is “America’s oldest ally in the Middle East, a partnership that dates back to 1945.” Thus, “since American interests are so intimately tied to the House of Saud, the US does not have the choice of distancing the United States from it in an effort to get on the right side of history.”

Get on the right side of history? Well I never! Brutal Brucie really does understand that the USA is NOT on the right side of history. In fact, the USA is on the wrong side of history about as far as it is possible to be.

Which, believe it or not, is what Brutal Brucie wants. And it is what Obsolete Obama, another one who is on the wrong side of history, wants as well. In fact, it’s what the whole American government wants, apparently. Although, to be fair, there are undoubtedly some decent, sane people in the State Department who really do understand that the USA is bent on bringing fascism to the world and are doing their best to prevent it.

It is time that the USA ends its imperial mind-set and comes to understand that Saudi oil will not disappear if America leaves the Persian Gulf and decides to support a modern, democratic state in the Land of the Arabs. That state will want to sell its oil on the international markets in exactly the same way as do other states.

All this supporting of fascism in Saudi Arabia merely serves to make the USA hated by everybody throughout the world.

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