‘The war has begun’ – Polisario Front launches attacks on Moroccan military bases

The Polisario Front News Agency said, “The Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army launched intense attacks on Moroccan army bases in the Al Mahbas, Hawza, Awsard and Al Farisiyah sectors, resulting in casualties.”

The Polisario agency said, “The political governorate of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army confirmed in a statement that several enemy sites have been attacked by our brave fighters along the Moroccan wall of shame,” noting that this comes in response to “the Moroccan army’s desperate adventure embodied in it.” A clear violation of the ceasefire agreement signed between the two parties to the conflict in the Guerguerat region.

The statement added , “As a result of this treacherous operation, the Lions of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army responded fiercely to the advancement of the hostile formation, and were able to secure and protect the movement of Sahrawi civil society groups that were in the same place.”

For his part, the Minister of Information of the Polisario Front, Hamada Salma, confirmed that the Moroccan recklessness in the Guerguerat region has returned the region to square one, stressing that the Sahrawi people are determined to extract their right to self-determination at all costs.

Hamada Salma said in his statements that “the Sahrawi people have lost their confidence in the ability of the United Nations to do justice to them and to establish their inalienable right to organize a free and fair referendum, to determine self-determination and end the last occupation on the African continent, according to what international legitimacy stipulates.”

He added, “The war imposed on us by the Moroccan occupation has begun, and things will not return to what they were without being deterred by the Moroccan regime, which is responsible throughout this period for obstructing a peaceful solution in the region.”

On Friday, Morocco announced that it had launched a military operation in the buffer zone in Guerguerat in Western Sahara, which is disputed with the Polisario Front, while the Polisario Front responded, considering that the operation ended the ceasefire between the two sides in effect for 30 years, and that “the war began.”

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