Tiger Forces and Hezbollah Intensify Military Operations in the Kuweires Countryside


Syrian Arab Army’s elite “Tiger Forces” – in coordination with Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF) of Aleppo City – launched a wide-scale military campaign to strike the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) around the Kuweires Military Airport in order to weaken the aforementioned terrorist group and recover several kilometers of territory under their possession.

The Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah answered this call on Wednesday, capturing the small village of Jamayliyah after a series of intense firefights with ISIS along the strategic Aleppo-Raqqa Highway that links the two provincial capitals.

Following the capture of Jamayliyah, the Syrian Armed Forces and the Lebanese Resistance advanced along several flanks, targeting the Kuweires Military Airport’s eastern and northern countryside.

According to a military source in the city of Al-Safira, the Tiger Forces and Hezbollah have split-up near the Kuweires Military Airport as the former attacks the eastern countryside and the latter attacks the northern countryside.

As a result of this military decision, Hezbollah was able to advance into the Al-Bab Plains for the first time since they began this massive campaign in east Aleppo; this means that the Lebanese Resistance is attacking the villages of Qataar and Nasrallah.

Meanwhile, the Tiger Forces have shifted their focus to the eastern countryside, where they struck ISIS’ defensive positions at Tal Humaymah and Humaymah Al-Kabeera before nightfall dissipated the fighting.

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