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Time for sanctions against the USA

With its usual insufferable arrogance, its egregious hubris, and its all-encompassing self-righteous, bumptious hypocrisy, the USA is proposing to revoke the license of Standard Chartered, a British bank, for trading with Iran.

Completely controlled by an aggressive, expansionist Zionism, the USA wants to impose its sanctions against Iran on everybody else.

It does not matter if all sixteen of the USA’s intelligence agencies clear Iran of making a bomb (as do MI6 and Israel’s Mossad); the USA demands stringent sanctions against Iran to be implemented by every country around the world. It does not matter if those sanctions wreck a country’s economy because, such is its hatred of a modern, rapidly developing and successful Iran (which is a complete contrast to the corrupt feudalisms of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Gulf Sheikdoms), the USA demands complete obedience.

Indeed, even if those sanctions result in widespread war with millions killed, the USA smiles because its deep video-arcade longings to inflict death everywhere are coming to pass.

Of course, the UK, controlled by compliant Zionists like UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, is pleased to agree because it naively believes that sanctions against Iran are in its long term interest.

Which is a big mistake. The long term interest of the UK is to trade openly and naturally with modern, democratic Islamic nations right throughout the Middle East. Cosying up to corrupt, kleptomaniac, torturing feudalisms is about as stupid a historical error as could ever be made.

But all is not lost. As with the Olympics there can be surprises. Coming out of nowhere (or rather, in this case, from the Standard Chartered Bank) a star bursts into the sky!

So step forward a brave man who puts the spineless William Hague to shame!

Step forward Richard Meddings, finance director of the Standard Chartered Bank!

Responding to warnings about the bank’s Iranian operations, Richard Meddings spoke with remarkable economy and a deeply felt anger.

“You (swearword) Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?”

Yes, precisely and splendidly put, Richard Meddings. Thank you. More than anybody else you deserve a Gold Medal!

Decent British people have been despairing that there would ever be anybody in the UK who would have the courage to tell the Americans (controlled by the Zionists) and the British government (controlled by the Zionists) that they have no right to demand that a country cannot trade with another country.

Say it again, Richard Meddings, so that we may get it deeply into our minds!

“Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?”

Indeed, it’s time to give the bullies of this world a taste of their own medicine. If sanctions are implemented against a country which (totally unlike Israel and the USA) is behaving lawfully), then those who implement the sanctions must have sanctions implemented against them. Those who sanction must themselves be sanctioned.

That means sanctions against the USA, Israel and the UK.

And let nobody think that such sanctions are impossible because, right the way around the world, countries are quietly (and not so quietly) making new regional agreements and arrangements, all of which are essentially aimed at breaking the economic and political power of the West. This is happening simply because the West (particularly in its Zionist aggressions) is becoming everywhere hated.

In a profound way, the West has declared war on the ordinary people of the world, particularly if they are Muslims. Always supporting the most tyrannical of regimes, the West has told people everywhere that they can be deprived, tortured and assassinated as long as it is in the interests of Zionism to do so.

And, believe it or not, the same deprivations and assassinations will soon be coming to the USA itself. By 2015, there will be 30,000 (thirty thousand) drones patrolling the American skies (with President Obama, telling a big lie, if there ever was one, that those drones will not be armed with missiles).

Meanwhile, the USA Homeland Security Agency has just bought 450,000,000 dum-dum bullets (they are the ones which explode on impact) with another 250,000,000 on order. This is because, with 50,000,000 people on food stamps, real unemployment around 20-22% and the middle classes having had a real income decline for twenty five years, the USA is approaching civil war. The drones, missiles, bullets bombs (and, Heaven knows, even depleted uranium munitions) are going to be inflicted on a people who are still supinely tolerating the infliction on others elsewhere.

But let us remember the splendid Richard Meddings. Let decent people everywhere stand up and demand that, from now on, those who sanction will themselves be sanctioned.

If countries can agree among themselves not to use the American dollar in their trade relations, if the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation can break past patterns with new security and economic arrangements, if South American countries can say that they are sick of being exploited, then it can only be a matter of time before those who arrogantly sanction others find that the boot is now on the other foot and they themselves are sanctioned in return.

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