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True Islam versus American Islam

Why do the rulers in Islamic countries who are supposedly Islamic? They drink, shake hands with the ‘strangers’ and support tyrannical regimes like Israel? The following is to provide an answer to this question.

Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, had always distinguished between ‘true’ Islam and American version of Islam. American Islam defined as an Islam of money and power, deception, compromise and serfdom, capitalist thralldom of the oppressed and the impoverished. In this version, the core and the inner valuable part of Islam are forgotten and only a veneer remains. In other words, the spirit of the Islamic conducts, God’s decrees and religious rituals disintegrate and only a skin remains.

Perhaps, the main factor of compromise by rulers of the Islamic lands is their misconception of Islamic teachings. Clearly, a Muslim individual’s thinking, who knows God the legislator and devisor of the universe, do not and cannot be in consort with beliefs of a western materialist individual. Attempts by the capitalist western man to assimilate cultural symbols of different nations are a psychological war to depict the spirits of all civilizations reconcilable to western modern life style. Definitely, the ruling elites and the patricians determine the life style of other groups. In a society with ruling elites adapted to such life style, this ruling elite will be the official mouthpiece for advertizing the same life style; but if the ruling elite resisted, the intermediate-level magistrates would be the leading cohort.

Certainly, puppet leaders could not officially launch war against symbols such as Hijab (women’s Islamic dress code) and simple way of life, etc., with Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran as one such ruler as an example, who lost the public support and World War actors sent him to exile him to an island.

Apparently, western package for Islam is now a gradual movement toward western life style, with commitment to religious ceremonies and promiscuity and drunken orgy together. Such is the birth of American Islam.

Over the time, people become accustomed to their political leaders antics and the sensitivities ceases to exist. Political leaders, celebrities, athletes, and others whom the media revere as respectable, become the role models for the young cohort. This role modeling and, the prevalence of western life style creates a gap between the young generations and their religious and national beliefs.

Hijab and dress code

A prominent symbol of the movement by the Islamic societies toward an American interpretation of Islam is hijab and dress code. The importance put by Islam on the hijab of its believers signifies its place in the general health of the society.

Emir of Bahrain and his wife (right) Qatari Emir and his wife visit to British Queen and high officials

The Islamic dress code has been significantly moved toward western dress code in most Islamic countries, being the most apparent in the high-ranking officials of these countries and their families. Women in Saudi, Qatari, and other Persian Gulf countries’ courts are the most revealing example of this fact. Despite the harsh measures taken by the Saudi government and evident Islamic sanctions on the hijab for Muslim women, women and young females of Saudi family shun hijab, and reportedly, are corrupt.

Greed and wealth-seeking

One of the most important guideline by true Islam for Muslims is simple way of life and avoiding luxurious way of living. This is emphasized double for the rulers, since the ruler is seen by his people; he should have a life of the lowest class of his subjects to understand their pains and sufferings.

Unfortunately, the corrupt and reactionary Arab rulers who rule in the name of Islam, have a dark record in this, and while multitudes of Muslims struggle with poverty and plight; they lead a luxury life in royal estates.


Drinking, posing in memorial photos, multiple military, security, economic and etc, contracts with avowed enemies of Islam is the greatest expression of American Islam, evident in Arab dictatorships and other counties in the region; such that people in these countries have lost their hope to their rulers attempt in saving independence, human dignity of citizens and reforming the status quo. The waves of Islamic Awakening were triggered by this bitter fact.

Abdullah Gul, Turkish Muslim President visits Angelina Julie, American Actress

Qatari Emir Greets with former Israeli Foreign Minister; allegedly,
she had affairs with some Arab leaders

Seeking justice and Courage

Courage and bravery in the face of leaders of arrogant and cruel powers of the world, and crying for justice is other attributes of true Islam which have not found reverberation and expression in these countries; as if the Arab reactionary rulers and other Muslim intimidated leaders of the region had no art other than full surrender to the bullying western powers. For this reason, perhaps, now Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, and other leaders of the Arab take side with Israel in the war against Syria.

Alienation from the Muslim Masses

Heedlessness to multitudes of Umma and Muslim nations is a prominent attribute of American Islam, with examples in countries affected by the revolution or in the brink of it (Saudi Arabia and Jordan). The rulers of such countries violate the fundamental rights of their citizens and the religion of God for the benefits of their own circles and those of the US. Such fact is the cause of Islamic Awakening in the region.

As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated in his address to the scientists in the International Conference of Muslim University Professors and Islamic Awakening, “enemy fears the revival of true Islam… they do not fear Islam which is a dollar serf; they do not fear Islam of luxury and promiscuity, an Islam which is not in line with the common folk, but they fear Islam of action, Islam of the masses, Islam which invest trust upon the God. Doubtless, the enemies fear Islamic Awakening for these attributes. They avoid using ‘Islamic Awakening’ for current movements in the region.”

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