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Tunisian highest religious figure: Shia and Sunni scholars play key role in boosting unity

Tunisian highest religious figure
Tunisia’s highest religious figure, the state- appointed Mufti Othman Batikh, underscored the role of religious Shia and Sunni scholars in increasing rapprochement among Muslims and refraining Muslims from the sedition of dispersion among Islamic denominations.

He pointed to the present standing conflicts among Muslims from different denominations and said “the 26th International Muslim Unity Conference held in its best time that was the unity week, for solving those problems.”

The state- appointed Mufti Othman Batikh paid tribute to the Islamic Republic of Iran for inviting him to take part in the International unity conference and underscored that the only way to reach dignity is unity and proximity among Muslim nations.

“Though such unity, we can observe a powerful Islamic Ummah in the future,” underlined the Tunisian religious scholar.

“It is the duty of Muslims to know and define the real principles of the divine religion of Islam and try to remove the standing misunderstandings among themselves,” he underscored.

Tunisia’s highest religious figure went on, “The enemies of Islam, thought exploiting the existing disputations among Muslims, try to project a faked image of Islam and through such way gain a pretext for attacking on Muslim nations.”

“Given that, it is incumbent upon Muslim nations to be aware and cognizant of the foresaid plot hatched by the enemies,” he underlined.

He pointed to the recent revolutions and movements in Muslim countries and said, “Tunisian revolution caused by the spread of Islamic Awakening in this country and also people’s high understanding.”

“The standing unity among Muslims and their resoluteness for taking their rights back were important factors in the victory of the recent revolution in Tunisia,” Tunisia’s highest religious figure accentuated.

The 26th International Muslim Unity Conference held in Tehran January 27-28. It is worth to noting that roughly 102 Shia and Sunni dignitaries from all across the world came together in Tehran to participant in the 26th International Muslim Unity Conference, studying the standing challenges Muslims face with.

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