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Turkish military delegation arrived in Tripoli unexpectedly

A Libyan source said that a high-ranking Turkish delegation of foreign and defense ministers arrived in Libya without informing Libyan officials.

A high-ranking Turkish delegation consisting of Minister of Defense and Foreign Minister, head of Intelligence Services Organization and head of Presidential Communications Department arrived in Libya last night on Friday without informing Libyan officials, a Libyan government source told Al-Arabiya.

He said that neither the Presidential Council nor the National Unity Government was aware of the surprising visit, and that the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli had not informed Libyan officials of the case.

However, no Libyan official welcomed the Turkish delegation upon arrival in Libya, so that Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar went directly to visit the Turkish military upon his arrival to Libya.

The Libyan source described the Turkish delegation’s uncoordinated and surprise visit as ‘abominable far from diplomatic and friendly relations between the two countries’, saying that only the Turkish military officials were aware of the trip.

Turkey has sent troops to Libya since April 2019, following the invasion of Tripoli by forces under Khalifa Haftar and the war against the National Unity Government in a way that these forces are still present in Libya.

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