UK helps legitimize Israel adventurism against Iran

Britain has recently adopted a more vigorous anti-Iran agenda aimed at legitimizing the Zionist regime of Israel if it takes on the wrong decision to invade the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The UK government’s authorities, all of whom are member to the Conservative Friend of Israel (CFI), have been intensifying their rhetoric against Iran in each and every podium they address in a desperate bid to spread Iranophobia in the Middle East region and all across the world.

Conservative Friend of Israel (CFI) is a pro-Israel British parliamentary group affiliated to the ruling Conservative Party, whose members are obligated to endorse the Israeli regime economically, politically and culturally among other areas of interest.

As recently as last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron defined three steps to secure Israel’s future when addressing an influential gathering of the wealthy Zionist lobby at an event in London. The Prime Minister told his Zionist supporters that “standing up to Iran” is the first step for Britain to secure Israel’s future.

The term “standing up to Iran” uttered by the head of a member of the world community, can be regarded as an open threat and a clear saber-rattling that runs counter to all international norms, laws and regulations.

The UK’s adopting very blatant double standards when it comes to nuclear technology in the Middle East. It keeps mum about the Israeli regime’s well-known, if undeclared, stockpile of nuclear weapons, but when it comes to Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program, it threatens sanctions and war.

The British authorities have recently been engaging, more than even before, in the now routine scaremongering about Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy activities, but they fail to utter a word – not one word – about the Zionist regime’s confirmed possession of nuclear weapons and its refusal to sign the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

It is crystal clear that the politicians, who receive cash and funding for their campaigns from the wealthy Zionist lobbyists and individuals, want Israeli regime to be able to dominate the Middle East region militarily.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague claimed on February 22 in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that “Iran is threatening to spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East…..”.

But there are a number of issues raised by his comments.

First, why does he say, “Iran is threatening to spark a nuclear arms race”, when the Zionist regime has already destabilized the region with its nuclear arsenal?”

Second, why does he say the Iranians “are already continuing their nuclear weapons programme” when there’s no proof to back his allegations?

And the story goes on with multiple unanswered “whys”….

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