UN Inspectors Checked Half of Syria Chemical Sites: OPCW

Syriaflag_OPCWOrganization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said its inspectors have checked 11 out of 20 Syrian chemical sites.

“The OPCW mission has now condOPCW inspectorsucted verification activities at a total of 11 sites that are identified by Syria’s disclosure,” the Hague-based Organization said on Wednesday.

The OPCW has said that there are a total of 20 sites to be visited in Syria.
Since inspectors arrived in the country two weeks ago, activities have also included “critical equipment destruction at six sites as well as some Category 3 weapons destruction”, the organization added in a statement.

The chemical watchdog, which last week was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, classifies Category 3 as “unfilled munitions and devices and other equipment specifically designed to aid the deployment of chemical weapons”.

The OPCW and the United Nations now have about 60 experts working in Syria to eradicate chemical weapons, around a month after the OPCW accepted Damascus’ application to join the Chemical Weapons Convention.

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