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Unity, a necessity for Islamic societies

n00150080-bOne of the Sunni scholar of Bojnourd congratulated the week of Unity to all Muslims and underscored the event is the day of mercy God bestowed upon all Muslims.

The Sunni instructor of an Islamic Seminary in Raz va Jargalan (located in Bojnourd), Haj Khal Mohammad Akhound Sar Afzar in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) congratulated to all Muslims naming the Islam Prophet’s birthday as a mercy God bestowed upon all Muslims.

The religious cleric underscored Quran demanded all Muslims to refrain from bickering over minute issues inasmuch as raucous debates over infinitesimal points would taint Muslims, not letting them to foil the enemies’ perpetual cooked up putsches against them.

Haj Khal Mohammad Akhound Sar Afzar urged Muslims from different denominations and sects to be united on account of this very line that only through unity Muslims are able to obviate their needs, astounding the world by their progress.

The Sunni instructor of the Islamic Seminary in Bojnourd mentioned that Muslims should try their utmost so as to get along well with each other and the unity week can be the most opportune time for laying the ground for fulfilling such aim.

“Imam Khomeini (RA) by understanding the crucial situation Muslims were mired in and by the naming the week of Unity tried to brave the existing problems, removing any wrangle among Muslims,” said the Sunni cleric.

The religious cleric beckoned to the 27th International Islamic Conference soon to be held in Iran Capital City of Tehran and underscored that mounting such event provided an amicable situation for Islamic elites worldwide to discuss and reason out the standing setbacks and problems in the Islamic world.

To many religious clerics, Iranian first-hand experience of Islamic revolution showed how people with different takes and thoughts can stand against atrocity of the dictators.

In their books, Muslims should be vocal about their demands, clamoring for better living condition and the only through the Unity path they can accomplish such aim.

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