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US against most of world again

651d858566bc97fe7fd870f8de48a606_LAn American political analyst says US officials’ plan to destroy an international effort at the United Nations for promoting a universal human right to online privacy shows “the US is against most of the world again.”

Diplomatic sources and an internal US government document have shown that US diplomats are seeking to kill a provision of a draft resolution submitted by Brazil and Germany to the UN General Assembly, which seeks to place constraint on online spying by the US National Security Agency and other spy agencies.
Bill Jones of Executive Intelligence Review in a phone interview with Press TV said “Obviously, the US has been rather embarrassed by the exposure of all their surveillance and this has led to a general outcry by many different nations including many of the US allies that the US had pulled the wool over their eyes.”
He added: “What’s happening at the UN now is that they’re really taking the question up there and want to have some kind of control, some kind of legislation which would prevent these kinds of things from happening. Obviously, the United States, which is concerned with maintaining that capability and being able to legally also continue doing this kind of surveillance, is very much opposed to it and will probably try and defeat it.”
The proposal by Brazil and Germany says collecting “certain sensitive information” must be in “full compliance” with international human rights laws because privacy rights are “not to be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference.”

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