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US agents shoot dead Mexicans across border: Report

US agents

US border agents have been found shooting firearms across the Mexican border, killing at least six Mexicans on their native land.

A report published this month by the Washington Monthly has found over the past five years, US agents have shot their guns across the border at least 10 times while killing six natives on Mexican land.
Investigative reporter John Carlos Frey said: “The picture that emerges from this investigation is of an agency operating with thousands of poorly trained rookies and failing to provide the kind of transparency, accountability, and clear rules of engagement that Americans routinely expect of law enforcement agencies.”
The comment came as Washington debates aspects of the immigration reform, including steps to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, expands visas for highly skilled immigrants and creates measures to strengthen border security.
Rights groups and activists, however, expressed concerns that the reform plan will bring new pressures on illegal immigrants.
Public support for immigration reform has been steadily mounting, with protest rallies routinely held up in major cities across the United States.
On any given day, there are 33,000 people detained by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who spend an average of 26.5 days behind bars.

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