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COMPARE: US Barbarism versus Iran Islamic Republic: Contrasting Power Transition Speaks

The so-called international community has always presented the western states, led by the United States of America, as the stronghold of “democracy which maintains human rights and secures the economic stability in all the countries which follow it”. The same propaganda has displayed all the countries, which oppose the US policies all over the world, as the arch foes of democracy, equality and freedom.

The financial, military, media, and political power has enabled this propaganda to hide the black reality of imperialism for long years. For instance, waging destructive wars on dozens of countries had been described as anti-terror campaigns; moreover, poverty and the economic inequality in the Western countries had been presented as one of the normal consequences of capitalism and socioeconomic freedom. In other words, this propaganda has ameliorated all the negative images of the imperial states.

On the other hand, Iran and all the states which oppose the Western imperialism have been subjected to a fierce pejoration of all their political, economic, social, military, educational and civilizational feats. Noble resistance movements, praised throughout history by Western media, have been described as terrorist groups and banned in several imperial states. This pejoration path has been adopted by the West in its unjust confrontation with the opposing forces.

The former US President Donald Trump has been the first Western leader who unintentionally exposed the hypocrisy of the imperial forces and displayed vividly the darkness of their alleged democracy. After he lost the presidential elections in 2020, Trump decided to challenge the US Constitution, laws, and moral obligations. He waged a war on the transition of power by resorting to mob attacks on the congress which wanted to certify the victory of his opponent, Joe Biden.

Security staff barricaded themselves inside the House chamber, aiming pistols through the shattered windowpanes in the doors, as the mob pressed from outside, attempting to overturn a democratic election.

Frightened lawmakers, donning protective masks, shuffled alongside armed guards as they evacuated down hallways, while Trump supporters paraded just steps away with Confederate battle flags. Someone stood a noose outside the Capitol building. Several deaths and dozens of injuries were reported.

On the other hand, the conspicuous democratic process in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been always preserved by the Iranian officials; transition of power may never be violated for the sake of personal and private interests. 2021 presidential elections reiterated this fact. All the candidates respected the results of the democratic competition, without challenging the overall path.

Supreme Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei endorsed during a ceremony the new president Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran on Tuesday (August 3). Moreover, the former President Hasan Rouhani, consented by the outcomes of democracy, left the presidential office to the new Iranian president. Although Rouhani was not part of the electoral competition, what was remarkable was that no one of the candidates violated the laws and norms of democracy for his own sake.

This contrast between the US and the Iranian scenes of democracy refutes the US claims about respecting democracy, human rights and freedom. It also confirms that the Islamic Republic of Iran and several other states preserve the real democracy which protects the public interests.

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