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US election process is political theater: Pundit


The US presidential race is a “political theater” that is designed to create the appearance of an uncertain outcome although in reality the nominees are chosen beforehand, an American geopolitical analyst says.

“The election process in the United States itself at its very root is merely political theater, it is a Kabuki dance designed to convince the American people that they have some say in who rules over them, when the sad reality is they do not,” said Eric Draitser, the founder of

“The United States is ruled by one single ruling establishment, one political class that controls both parties and that is in fact subordinate to the financial elites on Wall Street and all throughout the imperial system,” Draitser said during an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

“There is no such thing as democracy in the United States; it is an illusion today just as it’s been for many years before,” he added.

Draitser also dismissed the Iowa caucus which is part of the process of choosing the delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions which choose the party nominees for the presidential elections.

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz won the Iowa GOP caucuses, while Hillary Clinton won the Democratic caucuses, narrowly beating Senator Bernie Sanders.

Clinton won the Iowa contest by the narrowest margin in state history, capturing 49.9 percent of the vote to 49.6 percent for Sanders.

The slim win means Clinton faces the prospect of an extended fight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders is turning his attention to next week’s New Hampshire’s primary, where he has a significant lead over Clinton.

Sanders celebrated his performance in Iowa, framing it as a sign that Americans demanded more radical change than offered by establishment candidates.

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