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US, israel stealing Africa resources: Analyst


The United States and the Israeli regime do not miss out on any chance to interfere with African affairs in a bid to exploit the continent’s rich resources, an analyst says.

“Let’s be honest. There is a global Anglo-American Zionist approach to stealing,” Randy Short told Press TV in a recent interview, adding that Israelis have already “bought up large parts of Africa.”

“The Israelis, or so to say, the Zionists control the economy of South Africa,” said Short.

He added that the “Western civilization” has been involved in the “robbery of Muslims, Africans and others” over the past five centuries “for the benefit of a few Europeans with the White supremacy complex.”

He described the United States as a “pirate” targeting Nigeria.

“It’s the same bloody white hands smashing the same historical Black skull and then picking the pockets off the corpse,” the analyst added.

Short also said the Israelis “have a very strong role in the slave trade.”

“They have been there a long time and made a lot of money off of it and London, which is dominated by a very powerful Jewish minority in England, they’ve been the beneficiaries of the slave trade and exploitation of Africa and other places,” said Short.

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