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US marks deadliest day in reported coronavirus deaths

The United States has reported over 200 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak, marking the deadliest day since the pandemic began in the country.

The deaths bring to 921 the number of people who have died so far while confirmed cases surpassed 65,000. The governors of at least 18 states, including New York and California, have issued stay-at-home directives.

The measure affects about half of the US population and closes many businesses as authorities around the country seek to stem the outbreak.

This comes as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo described street closures in New York City as a pilot program. 

“People want to walk. They want to go out and get some air. You want a less dense area, so pilot closing streets to cars, opening streets to pedestrians,” Cuomo told reporters Wednesday.

He also criticized the Senate stimulus bill that would allocate $2 trillion relief for businesses, individuals and governments affected by the virus, saying “it would be really terrible for the state of New York.”

We are the epicenter: NY Mayor says cases near 15,000 in city

We are the epicenter: NY Mayor says cases near 15,000 in cityWith the World Health Organization saying on Tuesday the United States has the potential to become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, New York City

Cuomo’s criticism came as White House officials made clear that President Donald Trump plans to sign the massive relief bill into law as soon as Congress sends it to him.

The US has the third highest number of confirmed cases after China and Italy. The World Health Organization had earlier warned that the US has the potential to become a new epicenter of the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, US health experts have sharply rebuked the Trump administration for initially downplaying the crisis and lagging behind in testing efforts.

According to a report by the Guardian on Wednesday, Trump has privately asked some of the US allies in Europe and Asia, including South Korea, to help the country overcome the shortages caused by coronavirus spread.

Trump had previously assured that his administration would not rely on foreign nations for help in fight against coronavirus.

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