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US Military Advisors Secretly Meet ISIL Leaders



The US military advisors whose mission is to provide military counseling services to the Kurdish popular forces have had secret meetings with the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group, media reports said.

“Seven US military advisors whose job was coordinating joint operations of Iraqi army, Kurdish and volunteer forces have met senior ISIL leaders with the help of local tribes at least twice,” Turkey’s Yeni Shafaq daily quoted unnamed informed sources as saying on Wednesday.

The newspaper wrote that one of the meetings took place near the city of Mosul on November 7, 2015 with the mediation of Shemr tribe and the second meeting occurred near Haweija region in Kirkuk province on February 3, 2016.

Yeni Shafaq said that the US military servicemen had first asked for help from Tahee tribe, but they refrained from doing so after they found out that Tahee tribe had ties with Ankara and fearing that the Turkish government might find out about it.

The relations between the US and the ISIL dates back to the time when US embassy in Baghdad and the US consulate in Erbil declared that 85 percent of the ISIL terrorists are Iraqis and some of them are former members of Iraq’s Ba’ath Party.

In a relevant development in January, military sources disclosed that the elite US Delta Forces are carrying out a clandestine operation in Iraq.

“The CIA is the mastermind of the secret dispatch of the US special forces who are now in Iraq under the name of Delta Force,” the Arabic-language media outlets quoted retired Iraqi Army Officer Brigadier General Talal Abdel Rahman al-Hamdani as saying.

He, however, underlined that the number of the US Delta forces is not so high, adding that they are hidden in residential areas among the Iraqi people.

“The Delta forces have been trained to assassinate Iraq’s political figures and carry out dangerous military operations,” Brigadier General al-Hamdani added.

He did not provide any further details about the US Delta Forces in Iraq.

Meantime, senior Iraqi MP Rasoul al-Tayee called on the Iraqi government to probe into the presence of the US Delta forces in Iraq.

Also earlier today, the Iraqi volunteer forces’ commanders lashed out at the US and its regional allies for continuing their military and logistical supports for the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq.

“Washington is still continuing its military supports for the terrorists in Iraq,” Spokesman of Iraq’s Ansarullah al-Nujaba Movement Hashem al-Moussavi told FNA on Wednesday.

He reiterated that al-Nujaba Movement forces are collecting documents, photos and videos of supplies airdropped by the US-led coalition forces for the ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

“Our forces have filmed the US aircraft while dropping military aids for the besieged ISIL terrorists,” al-Moussavi said.

He reiterated that while the ISIL was losing the battle, they continued fighting the volunteer forces for 48 hours after they received mortar shells and weapons airdropped by the US warplanes.

Meantime, member of Iraq’s Seyed al-Shohada battalions’ politburo Hassan Abdel Hadi said the Iraqi volunteer forces are concerned about coming under further attacks of the US warplanes in order to prevent their advances in different parts of the ISIL-controlled areas.

“Unfortunately, there are still some people in Iraq who have been deceived by the US-led coalition, while Washington supports the ISIL and is trying to compensate for the damages done to the Takfiri terrorists by the volunteer forces,” Abdel Hadi said.

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