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US military convoy pelted with rocks, forced to turn around in northeast Syria

On Thursday, a U.S. military convoy was confronted by several villagers in the northeastern governorate of Al-Hasakah, resulting in the re-routing of the vehicles.

According to reports, the U.S. convoy was approaching the village of Al-Qahira near the key town of Tal Tamr, when it was confronted by several villagers along the main road in the area.

The villagers were comprised of residents from Al-Qahira and Dishisha northwest of Syria, who confronted the U.S. convoy by blocking road and pelting the vehicles with rocks.

The U.S. military turned their vehicles around after the incident and chose to use another path to reach their intended destination in the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

This latest incident comes just a week after villagers in Umm Al-Khayr blocked a U.S. military convoy from accessing a road inside their village in the Al-Qamishli District of Al-Hasakah.

Thursday’s incident also marks the second time this week that a U.S. military convoy has been forced to re-route due to a road obstruction, whether by villagers or the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

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