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US must stop supplying weapons to Qatar: Analyst


The United States knows that the arms it has supplied to some Arab allies will end up in the hands of terrorist groups, says an analyst.

Saeed Shehabi, a political commentator from London, said in an interview with Press TV that if the Americans do not really want terrorist groups to be armed, then they should stop supplying weaponry to any of the countries that support extremist groups.

“Of course the United States is aware that if it supplies weapons to countries which have supported extremist groups whether in Iraq or in Syria, then these sophisticated weapons will undoubtedly fall in the hands of extremist groups,” the analyst stated.

Evidence suggests that weaponry, supplied by Qatar to militants in Syria, have ended up in the hands of the ISIL Takfiri militants.

Image grabs from video footage have surfaced, showing a militant with a Chinese FN-6 man-portable air-defense system and what appears to be an Mi-17 Iraqi helicopter.

Shehabi also noted that the case of terrorism in Iraq is one of those “horrific and disappointing cases.”

“The American foreign policy is wrong. It is dubious. It is not clear and also their allies in the [Persian] Gulf –Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey- they are all uniting themselves, standing in a united front against Iraq and Syria,” the analyst said.

“What we can see is that in the past few weeks extremism has spread beyond any limit … So terrorism is being supported by the Western countries and their local allies,” Shehabi added.

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