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US presidents worst enemies of nation: Analyst

369877_Obama-BushUS presidents have become the worst enemies of the American nation in the 21st century due to their negligence of the citizens’ rights, an analyst writes for Press TV.

“In the 21st century, Americans’ worst enemies are not al-Qaeda, Iran, Russia, and China. America’s worst enemies are our own presidents,” Paul Craig Roberts wrote in an article for the Press TV website.

He said the American presidents claim that the right to declare “war on terror” empowers them to violate the “civil liberties guaranteed to every citizen by the US Constitution.”

“Having stripped US citizens of their civil liberties, executive branch agencies are now stocking up vast amounts of ammunition…. Congress and the media are not interested in why the executive branch is arming itself so heavily against the American people,” Roberts wrote.

He said US President Barack Obama’s appointee to the Court of Appeals, David Barron, recently wrote memos “fabricating a legal justification for the Office of President to murder US citizens without due process of law.”

Roberts added that the civil liberties are “sacrificed” in the United States under the pretext of fighting al-Qaeda.

“The executive declares a state of war, even a war that is not conducted against another country or countries but a vague, undefined or ill-defined war against a vague stateless enemy such as ‘al-Qaeda’, with which the US is currently allied against Syria,” the analyst wrote.

He said the office of the president’s “illegitimate power” poses a threat not only to “every American but also to every living being on Planet Earth.”

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