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US Senator: No country supporting Iran’s sanctions


US Senator Chris Murphy in a message referred to Trump unilateral withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal saying no country has agreed with US sanction on Iran.

“Here’s something important on Trump’s botched Iran policy: Last week, they briefed the Foreign Relations Committee on Iran nuclear sanctions since pulling out of the deal. Simple question was asked: how many countries have signed up for new sanctions on Iran? Answer: ZERO,” Murphy wrote in his Twitter account.

“Put another way: the only viable reason to pull out of the Iran deal was to rebuild tougher sanctions so that Iran would eventually agree to a better agreement. But NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY has agreed to new sanctions,” he added raising a question why did we pull out of the deal??

US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington would pull out of Iran nuclear deal and re-impose nuclear sanctions on the country.

Trump, in a new tweet on Monday (July 23), reacted to recent remarks by President Hassan Rouhani of Iran who had warned Washington against taking a hostile approach towards Iran.

He chose capital letters to convey his message, something which well demonstrated his fury at what President Rouhani said on Sunday in a reference to the US hostile approach towards Iran: ‘Do not play with fire.’

Meanwhile Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad zarif in a message reminded the US that the Iranian nation has seen fall of empires.

“COLOR US UNIMPRESSED: The world heard even harsher bluster a few months ago. And Iranians have heard them —albeit more civilized ones—for 40 yrs. We’ve been around for millennia & seen fall of empires, incl our own, which lasted more than the life of some countries. BE CAUTIOUS!,” he said.

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