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US smuggles a convoy of stolen oil tankers from Syria to Iraq

The US military forces deployed in eastern Syria moved a convoy of tankers carrying stolen oil from Syria as well as trucks of military equipment into northern Iraq on Tuesday.

US military forces relocated a convoy of tankers carrying stolen oil from Syria’s Al-Jazira region and vehicles carrying military equipment into Iraq through illegal Al Waleed border crossing.

A convoy consisting of 70 vehicles including tankers carrying stolen oil from Syrian Al-Jazira region and other trucks carrying several US artillery and military vehicles as well as several Hummer military vehicles belonging to US troops, left Syria and entered northern Iraq through Al Waleed border crossing, Syrian Official News Agency (SANA) reported.

In this regard, local sources in Tel Hamees in al-Qamishli district in al-Hasakah province also reported that US military helicopters relocated a number of US troops from there to Iraq, the report added.

Syria’s State News Agency (SANA) also announced yesterday that American forces moved a convoy consisting of 45 trucks carrying large boxes, refrigerators and also tankers to an airport in Al-Malikiyah region in Al Hasakah province in Syria through Al Waleed border crossing.

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